Hisham Akira Bharoocha


Mural Paintings

Various Locations

Title: Reflections
Medium: Acrylic Interior House Paint on Wall, 10 Hour Sound Mix, Amplifier and Speakers
Measurements: 24 x 11 Feet
Date: 2017

Bharoocha’s hand painted mural Reflections was installed at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Treatment Center’s Brooklyn Infusion Center gallery.

Bharoocha watched his father go through cancer treatment when he was a child and used that experience as inspiration for the 10 hour musical mix which accompanied this painting consisting of field recordings of different environments in nature, ambient records, world folk music, and modern composer music.  Bharoocha felt these moments were extremely contemplative and wanted to add color and sound to this space for the patients and employees.

The imagery Bharoocha referenced in this mural:

When it rains while the sun is out, and how the light hits the water falling from the sky.

The reflection of the moon light on the ocean when the moon hangs low as it rises.

Sunrise and sunset, how the color evolves in the sky and the on the ocean surface depending on the height of the sun.

A solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. How the color of the sun or moon changes as one covers the other, the light that hits the surroundings during that time.

Title: Setting
Medium: Acrylic Paint on Wall
Measurements: Approx. 8 x 12 Feet
Date: 2016
*Installed at Project: ARTspace in New York, NY for a three person exhibition called naTURE:gesTURE curated by John Silvis.

Details of Setting.  This piece was hand painted onto the wall of the gallery.

Painting installed at De Maria in 2016.  Hand painted onto the wall.

Title: Untitled
Medium: Acrylic Paint on Wall
Measurements: 40 x 12 Feet
Date: 2014
*Installed at the Facebook New York offices

Details of Untitled mural.

Title: Contained Vibrations
Medium: Acrylic and Enamel Paint on Wall
Measurements: 9 Foot Diameter
Date: 2014
*Installed at the Facebook New York offices

Details of Contained Vibrations

Title: Murdrumantra
Medium: Cut Paper Applied to Wall
Measurements: 6 Foot Diameter
Date: 2007
*Installed for group exhibition curated by Peter Coffin at Frank Elbaz Gallery, Paris, France.

Process images of Bharoocha installing Murdrumantra

Title: Vortex
Medium: Acrylic and Enamel Paint on Wall
Measurements: Approx. 6 x 8 Feet
Date: 2010
*Installed at Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn for the group exhibition Temple of Bloom.

Detail of Vortex at Cinders Gallery Brooklyn in 2010 for the group show Temple of Bloom.