Where to Find:

Backend > Works

All information below is also found in this video.


Works are used to populate both the index grid and slideshow. You can see a list of your works by clicking the “Works” button on the left sidebar.

Each “Work” is set up as an individual post. When you click into the work title, you are presented with the following options:

  • Title – this is the work’s unique title, and it only appears on the Work Index grid page
  • Year – optional, if there is a date associated with this work
  • Display Options > Switch Color to White – check this option if the work and/or the background color you selected is dark, and you need to use white text for it
  • Display Options > Display Style – each work slide has three style options:
    • Framed – gives you the option of adding space around the work.
    • Contained – only applicable when using fullscreen style of slideshows, which you’re not using
    • Cover – fills up the slide slot so that there is no space around the work
  • Display Options > Padding Style – used to determine whitespace around work
  • Video Options > Video Asset – used for video assets
  • Featured Image – this is where you upload your work image (found on right sidebar)

By default, works are shown in both the slideshow and index grid. However, you have the option to include a work in the slideshow view only, or the index view only. These checkboxes can be found in the “Index Options” tab.

Work Types

On the righthand sidebar of each work, you’ll see the “Work Types” option. That’s where you add the work type, such as “Collages”

You can also manage these categories under

  • Backend > Works > Work Types
  • If you want to assign work to a work type, but hide that category from the filters menu, use the “Hide from Work Index” checkbox


You have the option to link a ‘Stories’ overlay to each individual work.

  • Backend > Stories

The story appears on both the Work Index grid page, and the slideshow page. The Story page gives you the space to discuss your work in more detail, with room for long-form body copy and additional images. At the bottom of a ‘Works’ post, you can link a Story under ‘Work Story Options’.

Asset Guideline

  • Please save your assets as .jpg, using Save For Web option at quality of about 80
  • Please make sure your files aren’t too large. The longer side of the image can be around 1200px.
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